Dental Implants

The placement of the titanium dental implants is done by a specialist and the restoration that is attached to the implant is done in our office.

Dental implants are a permanent dental replacement system for the patient with some missing teeth, but otherwise good dental health. The patient’s jawbone must be healthy enough to support the new root and the new tooth.

Dental implants are a titanium root, carefully placed into the jaw bone where the natural tooth once occupied. The titanium root is an anchor used to support a replacement tooth that will closely match your existing teeth. The titanium root is placed in the bone and the jaw is allowed to heal for a period of months. After the healing is complete, a replacement tooth is placed on the implant.

Even if multiple teeth are missing, the same procedure as a single tooth replacement can be done and multiple new teeth are placed on the titanium root.

When all the patients teeth are missing or need to be replaced, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the best permanent solution. Today, dentistry is able to replace a full jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge and eliminate the need for dentures.

Multiple titanium implants are strategically placed along the arch of your mouth and then allowed to integrate into the jawbone. A temporary denture is placed on the implants allowing you to eat during the healing process. The result for the patient is improved confidence, chewing, speaking and a reduced risk of embarrassment from denture slippage.